Braces and Appliances Care

Video demonstrations by Dr Chang

See our Playlist below for a collection of videos on essential information you would find helpful during your orthodontic treatment.



  • Cleaning with braces Part 1 Toothbrush.
  • Cleaning with braces Part 2 Pixters.
  • Cleaning with braces Part 3 Floss and Toothpaste.
  • Cleaning with braces Disclosing Tablets.
  • Teeth Whitening.
  • Disclosing Tablets.
  • Cleaning Instructions and Tips for you undergoing Invisible Orthodontic Treatment


  • Dr. Chang discusses dietary care during Orthodontic Treatment.
  • Orthodontic emergencies and simple steps to manage it when it happen.
  • Braces just on- Dr Chang discusses pain management..MPG
  • How to maintain your teeth and braces care.
  • Wearing orthodontic elastics made easy.
  • 4 MUST HAVE tips to completing your braces orthodontic treatment FASTER
  • Faster Orthodontic Treatment - Acceledent
  • Mouthguard Wear
  • Forsus Springs Cleaning and Comfort
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