Back-to-School Handbook for Parents of Kids Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

January 16th, 2024 Andrew Chang

Welcome back to another exciting school year! For parents with young orthodontic superheroes, it’s time to ensure your kids are equipped with the super tools they need to conquer the school day with confidence. In this guide, we’ll share some superhero strategies to breeze through the back- to school season while keeping those orthodontic appliances shining bright.

1. Emergency Kits:

Imagine your child's orthodontic appliances as superhero gear, and every superhero needs an emergency kit! Pack a small pouch in their school bag with essentials like spare elastics for those superhero smiles working on their strength or alignment, and orthodontic wax for any unexpected comfort issues, some floss to get out those little bits of food and a spare toothbrush and toothpaste. This kit will be your child’s sidekick, providing quick fixes until they can soar back to the practice.

2. Lunchbox Heroes:

When it comes to school lunches, think soft, cool, and lunchbox accessible! Yogurts, mashed potatoes, pasta, and soft sandwiches are great options for the first few days after getting new appliances. Over time, gradually introduce more foods, ensuring they're cut into bite-sized pieces for easy chewing. For long-term success, pack lunches strategically to minimize the risk of breakages – use sturdy containers and avoid overly crunchy or sticky foods.

3. Removable Appliance Mastery:

For those with removable appliances or retainers, the superhero case is your secret weapon! Keep one case in the school bag and another at home to avoid the daily "Did I pack my case?" conundrum. Easy access means less chance of misplaced or broken appliances, empowering your child to embrace their orthodontic journey confidently (and keep any additional costs for replacements at bay!)

4. Encouraging Consistent Wear:

Help your young superhero establish a routine by incorporating appliance care into daily rituals. Make it a fun family affair, perhaps even creating a reward chart for consistent wear. For removable appliances, consider setting a daily reminder to ensure they’re worn during school hours. Consistency is key to achieving that perfect superhero smile.

5. Encouragement Is Key:

Recognize that for some kids, taking their appliances out at school may take extra effort and routine. Encouragement is a major key to success. Discuss the prevalence of orthodontic appliances among their peers, emphasizing that many children have them. Practice removal and refitting together and encourage your child to speak with others at school who may be going through a similar journey. Remind them that their unique smile makes them a superhero among their friends.

6. Tackling the First Days After Fittings:

The first few days post-fitting can be an adjustment period. Soft foods, practicing speech, and maintaining good oral hygiene are crucial. Encourage your child to embrace the change positively, emphasizing that every superhero needs time to master their new abilities. Celebrate small victories and assure them that, with time, wearing and caring for their orthodontic gear will become second nature.

7. Handling Breakages or Discomfort:

In the event of a breakage or discomfort, be the superhero parent armed with solutions! Contact your orthodontic practice promptly for guidance. In the meantime, stick to softer foods, avoid biting directly on the affected area, and use orthodontic wax to alleviate any irritations. Reassure your child that superhero setbacks happen, and together, you’ll overcome them.

With a bit of planning, a dash of superhero spirit, and a generous sprinkle of encouragement, navigating the back- to- school season with orthodontic appliances can be a breeze. Empower your child to embrace their orthodontic journey like the superhero that they are, and remember, every step forward is a step toward that perfect superhero smiles! If you have any questions or need additional tips, feel free to contact our orthodontic team at Smiles and Faces on 8814 9941- we are here to support you and your little superhero on their quest to dental greatness.

Happy School Year!