Best way to fix crooked front teeth in adults

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Best way to fix crooked front teeth in adults

More adults are now considering straightening their teeth. The best way to fix crooked front teeth in adults often starts with a discovery appointment to work out what is the most effective way to straighten your teeth.

At this appointment, we take into consideration the not just the “micro” features like teeth positions, individual teeth shape, proportions, wear present on the front teeth edges and existing spaces, but also “macro” features like your lips and chin balance and the lip position in relation to your smile.

Braces Vrs Aligners (ie: Invisalign® etc)

From there, solutions are discussed that would fit with your requirements. Braces have been used for over a hundred years to straighten teeth and whilst effective in the very crowded teeth or where large spaces are present and bite alignment is needed, aligners are now used more frequently as an option in mild to moderate crowding and can present several benefits over braces. They are:

  1. Easier to keep teeth clean as removed for brushing teeth and aligners.
  2.  Comfortable
  3. Greater range of choice when eating with less breakages, as removed during this time.

Their main requirement is the teeth need to be sufficiently grown and erupted for the aligners to be effective. For this reason, and that the aligners need to be worn for a minimum 20-22 hours a day over the treatment period, is why many parents continue to select braces over aligners for their children.

Occasionally, for very deep bites, the effectiveness of braces and the comfort & convenience of aligners are both needed. This is seen in some case where upper aligners and lower braces can be the best way to fix crooked front teeth in adults.

So if you are unsure, why not reach out to us on 02-8814 9941 or request a complimentary discovery orthodontic consultation.

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