Crowded teeth treatment in adults

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Crowded teeth treatment in adults

We often see adults asking for the best way to fix crooked teeth in adults or their teeth. Sometimes this crowding may be causing uneven wear of the front teeth edges causing teeth sensitivity or occasionally associated with impacted wisdom teeth that were left retained. Crowded teeth treatment in adults can be addressed with clear removable aligners like Invisalign®, braces or a combination of both.

What is the best way to fix crooked teeth in adults?

I’m often asked this question by patients seeking the most effective way to straighten their teeth, and the fastest way too. The combination of effectiveness and efficiency usually is the best way to fix crooked teeth in adults, which often requires taking into consideration each adults different teeth or bite concerns, and their work, personal & time commitments.

In some adults, whose concerns may lie with the crooked upper or lower teeth only, the best way to fix crooked teeth in adults may just involve these teeth, as long as it does not significantly affect how their teeth close together ie: their bite.

For some adults, work commitments with interstate or overseas postings may mean they are not able to attend to their 4 to 8 weekly ongoing appointments during treatment. The best way to fix crooked teeth in these adults may involve Dental Monitoring®, where these adults are now able to send us weekly video feeds of their teeth and bite with their smartphone, and we are able to monitor their orthodontic treatment progress remotely, and provide advice as needed.

Would braces or aligners work better for crooked teeth treatment in adults?

The main reason for selecting aligners is if you feel you can be committed to wearing a series of removable clear aligners full time for a minimum of 20 hours a day for the whole treatment period. This would need to be removed when eating.

If you are interested in aligners, ask your orthodontist if there are any planned tooth coloured handles called attachments, to be placed on the upper or lower front teeth, and see if you are comfortable with these.

As a general rule of thumb, the greater the planned movements, or the more severe the crowding or spacing, the more effective braces can be over clear removable aligners.

The first step to finding out what is the best way to fix your crooked teeth is seeing an orthodontist for an initial consultation where he or she would have a conversation with you about your teeth and smile, and discuss the solutions that are available. Request a complimentary consultation with our orthodontist here.

We are able to offer low initial deposit solutions, to working adults who meet the eligibility criteria. Click here if you are also interested to find out more about the payment option solutions that Smiles & Faces Orthodontics offers.

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