An introduction to Clear Correct Aligners

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Case 1

The ClearCorrect aligners were worn weekly, so we could complete treatment in time for his wedding. The Propel vibrating mouthpiece made it more comfortable with the weekly changes. Tooth 43 was hyperplastic and a smaller sized tooth. This made it difficult to undertake interproximal reduction around this area. At the end of the 1st series, some additional aligners were needed to better align teeth 43, 34 and 21.

Total treatment time was 13 months from start to finish and he was ecstatic at the final result.


After 1st series of aligners

At completion of treatment

Case 2

This patient had severe crowding in the lower arch- 2 treatment options were discussed- either extracting a lower incisor OR non-extraction with lower interproximal reduction. They elected to go with the non-extraction option.

Total treatment time was 18 months and 2 additional series of aligners were needed. He was very happy at the final outcome.


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