Crowded teeth in middle aged adults- Causes, Treatment and Options

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Crowded teeth in middle aged adults- Causes, Treatment and Options

A conversation between Dr Andrew Chang and periodontist, Dr Teck Tang

Dr Chang, orthodontist at Smiles & Faces Orthodontics Blacktown  does a deep dive with Dr Tang, periodontist at Blacktown Specialist Dental into causes, treatment and options for middle aged adults with crooked teeth.

Some highlights are:

1:24: What is gum disease?

2:11: What untreated gum disease can lead to and why gum treatment before starting orthodontics is important.

3:56: Does gum disease affect 1 tooth, a few teeth or most teeth?

5:01: Why gum disease is best treated early?

5:31: Dr Chang shares a personal story on why teeth are important during the middle aged years.

6:56: Can brushing teeth well prevent gum disease?

7:26: Why severe gum disease is best treated with your periodontist or general dentist.

9:31: If I have gum disease and crooked teeth, how soon can I have my teeth straightened?

11:01: Role of smoking in gum treatment and response to gum treatment.

12:26: What are the teeth straightening options for adults with crooked teeth and a past history of gum problems?

13:26: Why periodontists prefer aligners over braces as the preferred method of teeth movement.


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