How does an expander teeth work? Fix now or fix later? What do I do?

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How does an expander teeth work? Fix now or fix later? What do I do?

  • Yes, my child has crooked teeth. Why not just wait till all the adult teeth have erupted? After all, he or she will need braces anyway?
  • This is a common question we get asked by parents. After all, won’t braces be needed? Our answer is usually a variation of this:
    • Expander teeth  widen the upper jaw and provide more space to manage the upper front teeth crowding.
    • Expander teeth generally work best by widening the upper jaw before all the adult teeth have erupted. They can also help to manage any tongue habits early before they make any teeth positions worse.
    • Braces move teeth, but do not correct the jaw sizes.

Fix narrow jaw now or fix later with expander teeth?

  • In a series of 3 case studies, Dr Andrew Chang of Smiles & Faces Orthodontics goes through the benefits of an expander teeth as a child or in the early teens (case 1 & 2). He then goes through the extensive procedure needed to correct the narrow upper jaw as an adult, often with significant risks. (case 3)
  • Click here to read more about Expander teeth for narrow jaw. Can it be too late? (to fix) 
  • Case 1

Case 2

Case 3: the downsides of treating this late as a young adult.


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