New Interest Free Payment Plan Solutions to help you or your child start orthodontic treatment.

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New Interest Free Payment Plans to help you or your child start orthodontic treatment.

As an orthodontic practice in Blacktown, we see many families who are faced with their child needing orthodontic treatment yet having to budget for these expenses, which sometimes can be a sudden. Without interest free payment plans, this can be difficult for many families.

There are also certain bite or jaw conditions where the timing of orthodontic treatment is important to help ensure a successful treatment outcome ie: underbites, overbites, narrow jaws, crowded and impacted teeth.

What interest free payment plans does Smiles & Faces offer?

We are now able to offer interest free payment plans that allow you to stretch the payment plan, up to a period of 3 years, without complicated finance contracts. This means if your child or you require orthodontic treatment, you can start treatment from as low as a $250.00 deposit.

There are certain basic conditions that need to be met to be eligible for these interest free payment plans ie: an Australian citizen, the responsible party needs to be over 18 years, have a job, and not be bankrupt.

The monthly or fortnightly interest free payment plans amounts can be stretched to over 36 months. While this would depend on the initial starting deposit you can afford and the treatment plan needed, the monthly instalments generally start from $200 per month for upper & lower braces, with this extended payment plan duration.

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What happens if I can pay upfront and don’t need the interest free payment plans?

If you have saved for orthodontic treatment, and are able to make payment in full, you won’t need these interest free payment plans & upfront payment in full discounts apply. Please ask us when you come in for your consultation about this.

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