My child has lost a baby tooth early. Is this a problem?

Sunday, 26 May 2019 Andrew Chang 100 hits Print it

Pediatric Dentist Dr Tay returns for a joint interview with  Orthodontist DR Chang  where they discuss why early lost of a baby tooth can be a problem and what parents can do to look out for this. Treatment for this is also outlined.

Some highlights are:

1:00: What are some causes of a baby tooth to be lost early?

3:47: What are signs parents can look out for that suggest a baby tooth has been lost early?

4:50: Other causes of losing a baby tooth early

6:45: What are the side effects when a baby tooth is lost early.

7:10: How future orthodontic treatment can be made more complex from a baby tooth lost early, with increased risk of cost, surgery and prolonged treatment times.

10:50: Why spacers (space maintainers) can help.

11:20: Spacers are comfortable, with minimal effects on speech and easy to keep clean.

13:50: How long does a spacer stay in for?


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