Myth? My smile will straighten the same, no matter if I wear Invisalign or ClearCorrect, and whom I see.

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“My teeth will straighten the same, no matter if I wear Invisalign or ClearCorrect and whom I see”

This is a common misconception. Clear aligners are like clear retainers-the difference is that each aligner will incrementally move your teeth in stages, while retainers just hold the teeth straight. In Australia, Invisalign and ClearCorrect are the main aligner companies. They rely on 3D printing and digital algorithms to move teeth. As an orthodontist instructor of clear aligners to dentists in Australia since 2016, and having expertise and experience with both these aligners since 2008, teeth move differently in different people. Even within the same person, different teeth move at different speeds.

How can I obtain the smile that I would like?

Aligners are just like the building blocks of a house, they rely on the skill, knowledge and communication between the patient and orthodontist to translate the vision into reality. Orthodontists have an additional 3 years of specialized training in teeth movement compared with dentists in this regard.

Having a computerized digital outcome of the before and after smile may look fascinating, but it takes skill and expertise of the orthodontist to get there. To show this point, I have shown the virtual treatment outcome and the actual outcome and how a few aligner revisions by me were required. You would also see had I just Ok’ed the initial virtual treatment plan, he would have required removal of a lower front tooth, which was not his intention. Even the final virtual treatment plan did not quite straighten his teeth- this explained the need for additional aligners – what we call “revisions”. The final outcome shows straight teeth without needing teeth removal and a happy patient, all within 18 months.

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