Overbites- when is the right time to see an orthodontist? By Dr Andrew Chang and Dr Diane Tay

Friday, 08 Feb 2019 Andrew Chang 352 hits Print it

This episode was recorded in early January 2019 but due to commitments, released in early Feb 2019. The aim is to bring awareness to parents of overbites , the right time to see an orthodontist, and what may happen if overbites remain uncorrected. See below for contents to scroll to the podcast section topic that may interest you. Please click here to learn more about pediatric dentist Dr Diane Tay.


1:00: How can a parent know their child has a large overbite?

2:20: What are the problems that an overbite can cause?

3:00: What habits can cause an overbite?

4:45: Why overbites rarely self-correct?

5:25: When is the right time to correct an overbite?

5:55-8:10: What strategies can parents do to address habits that cause an overbite to worsen?

8:20: Positive reinforcement works better when addressing finger and thumbsucking habits.

9:25: Teeth injuries can be one of the greatest long term problems caused by an overbite.

11:25: Orthodontic treatment options to manage an overbite.

13:00: Orthodontic treatment success depends on cause of the overbite.

13:40: Treatment complexity may increase with age, so timing of treatment soon with large overbites is important.

14:50: Summary

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