The role of Orthodontists in planning your Smile with Invisalign orthodontics

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Role of the Orthodontist in planning your Smile with Invisalign orthodontics

Do you have small teeth and gaps in your teeth? Have you wondered on the difference in seeing a dentist or Orthodontist for your Invisalign treatment, and their roles, skills and how it would affect your smile.

Invisalign refers to the name of the clear aligners. They do not control how teeth straighten or your smile. This video shows how we were able to use the virtual teeth planning software and knowledge to move teeth to address the patients concerns of small upper teeth and upper gaps.

A variety of different smiles were produced for the same teeth, using knowledge about orthodontics and expertise with moving teeth and aligners, before the Invisalign aligners were made. This allowed the patient, with the orthodontist’s advise, to choose the final smile they would be happy with going forwards, the one with no final spaces.

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