Soft and Weak Enamel Teeth in children- what can be done about it?

Sunday, 16 Dec 2018 Andrew Chang 251 hits Print it

A Interview with kids dentist, Dr Diane Tay

We would like to welcome back kids dentist, Dr Diane Tay, where I chat with her about soft or weak enamel in children. In some children, as the adult teeth come through the gums, they have visible white and or brown spots on the teeth. These teeth can be sensitive and can break down very quickly over a course of 6 months.

Highlights of our talk are as follows:

3:15: Which teeth are usually affected?

4:00: What is the problem with soft/ weak enamel teeth?

4:25: Why early identifying these teeth soon is important, and why the back molars are much more badly affected.

7:25: Problems trying to fix these soft/ weak enamel teeth.

8:55: Why they usually affect the 1st molars much more than the other molars.

9:30: Why involving an orthodontist is beneficial to allow optimum planning to keep as many sound and healthy teeth.

11:40: Good brushing and avoiding sweet sticky foods and fizzy drinks would help maintain the health of these teeth.

13:50: What causes this? can this be prevented? Why early detection and seeing a dentist soon is important to strengthen these teeth.


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