Space maintainers Part 1: When are space maintainers placed? Types of Space maintainers?

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When are space maintainers placed? Types of Space maintainers?

A joint podcast with orthodontist Dr Andrew Chang and pediatric dentist Dr Diane Tay

There are times when a baby tooth in a child can be lost early, before it is ready to fall out. This can be due to tooth decay or sometimes, due to the amount of teeth crowding present.

Early loss of back baby molar teeth can be a problem and cause the crowding to actually worsen. This is because the natural tendency is for the back adult teeth to move forwards. Unless a space maintainer is placed, the worsening crowding can lead to the underlying adult teeth becoming stuck and not able to erupt, possibly leading to a very difficult tooth removal procedure later or complex and lengthy orthodontic treatment to regain this lost space.

Space maintainers are simple and comfortable appliances that are placed soon after early loss of a baby molar tooth.

Originally this podcast was released for the dentists, however, its content is also relevant for parents with children and young teens too, so we’ve made the decision to share this too. We hope you find this useful too. 🙂


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Highlights are:

1:30- Are space maintainers always required when a baby tooth is removed?

2:50- Why the age of the child is important when determining the space maintainer management plan.

3:40- Distal shoe space maintainers. Dr Tay and Dr Chang share their thoughts on this and discuss alternate options to manage this.

7:00- Dr Tay shares what considerations to look out for when placing a space maintainer.

9:38: Dr Chang shares his thoughts on when to place a space maintainer and his preferred design.

12:00- Does a space maintainer need to be placed when a 1st primary molar has been removed?

14:55- What types of space maintainers to place if the 1st permanent molar is partly erupted and the 2nd primary molar has been lost?

17:00- Dr Chang shares his thoughts on other indications of space maintainers and timing for placement where need to hold the leeway space, and design of different types of space maintainers and when.

20:00- What are de novo space maintainers?

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