What are the cost of braces?

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 Natalie 901 hits Print it

Braces can be an expensive exercise, but they are definitely a worthy investment; they won’t just improve your smile but they’ll significantly increase the lifespan of your teeth.

It is difficult to give an estimate of braces as there are so many varying factors; the type of braces, complexity of treatment, are additional appliances required, etc… And for all of these reasons we understand it can be a little frustrating to not get a straight answer; so in order for us to be specific and give you the most accurate cost estimation, we offer a complimentary consultation to our new patients.

By our specialists orthodontist, Dr Chang, individually assessing your teeth and your needs, we can customise the most appropriate treatment plan for you to achieve your new and improved beautiful smile; only then can we give you an accurate cost break down. So for your customised treatment plan and an idea of the cost of braces, kindly call one of our friendly staff for your complimentary consulation! Look forward to meeting you soon!

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