What are the EARLY signs that my child’s teeth are crooked/ crowded?

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Early signs of crowded teeth in a child

Recognizing early signs that your child’s teeth is crooked or crowded can be important to prevent crowding from worsening. Also there are myths around this that pediatric dentist Dr Diane Tay and I seek to address.


Excerpts from this PODCAST between orthodontist Dr Andrew Chang and pediatric dentist Dr Diane Tay are:

2:00- Well positioned baby teeth or crowded baby teeth are a concern.

3:00- Adult front teeth erupting behind baby teeth are a sign of crowded adult teeth.

3:50- Baby teeth nice and straight in a 4-6 year old are a sign of crowded adult teeth in future. There should be gaps between the baby front teeth.

4:50- Does removing baby teeth when baby teeth are crowded help to allow adult front teeth to erupt?

5:40- Crowded baby teeth in a 6 yr old is managed differently from a 10 yr old.

7:20- Does removing baby teeth early or late affect how the adult tooth comes through?

8:00- For front teeth, some improvement can be expected but it would not come into alignment.

8:40- In a 10-12 yr old, when you see double rows of baby and  adult teeth, removing back baby teeth would help with the adult teeth erupting.

9:40- For front teeth, removing a baby front tooth early often “robs Peter to pay Paul” later.

10:40- For shark teeth, space maintainers or expanders are a useful tool to gain more space for adult teeth to erupt when the mouth is crowded.

11:20- My child’s teeth are crowded. When is the right age to see an orthodontist?

11:50- Why 7-8 years old is an optimal age to see an orthodontist.

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