What is the right age to see an Orthodontist and a Kids Dentist?

Saturday, 27 Oct 2018 Andrew Chang 355 hits Print it

In this episode, topics covered are:

  1. What is an orthodontist?
  2. What is a kids or pediatric dentist?
  3. What is the right age to see an orthodontist?
  4. What is the right age to see a kids dentist.

Dr Chang chats about some of the teeth and bites that parents see which can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Some myths about orthodontics are discussed, as well as what can happen if teeth and bite issues are seen late. Dr Chang is an orthodontist who practices in private practice in Blacktown, in western Sydney.

They also chat about what happens if a baby tooth has been lost a while and the adult tooth has not come through yet. Should a parent be worried about this?

Dr Diane Tay is a specialist pediatric dentist who practices in private practice in Parramatta and St Peters in Sydney. For more information, visit www.drdianetay.com.au . In this episode, she also chats about some common teeth issues she sees in kids including chalky teeth and teeth decay.

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