Wisdom Teeth and Orthodontic Treatment- An interview with an Oral Surgeon

Sunday, 02 Dec 2018 Andrew Chang 271 hits Print it

Wisdom teeth and Orthodontic Treatment

In the course of one’s orthodontic treatment, we are often asked questions by patients about wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment. So I took this opportunity to interview a local oral surgeon Dr Sami Haddad about wisdom teeth. We cover the common questions asked by patients.

Topics covered are:

  • What are wisdom teeth? Can they be a problem? How can I recognize this?
  • Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?
  • Is it better removing wisdom teeth sooner or later?
  • Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?
  • For those of you considering orthodontic treatment, I also cover should wisdom teeth be removed before, during or after braces.
  • What is the difference between seeing a dentist or an oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth.

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