Book a Free Initial Consultation. Please select 1 of the 3 options below:

If you are an existing patient, please call us to arrange your next appointment.

  1. Free Email Assessment: A short online assessment where you upload your teeth selfies to .
    • Select this if you have mild crowding or gaps and you do not have any questions OR are looking for a quick answer.
    • Our Orthodontist Dr. Andrew Chang will review your teeth, and our treatment coordinators would be in touch within 2 business days with estimation of treatment length and payment plan options.
  2. Contactless. Request a Free Online Video Consultation with the Orthodontist and treatment coordinator: This starts with a short online assessment where you first upload your teeth selfies to
    • Select this if you have visibly crowded or gappy teeth, overbites or underbites OR you have questions about orthodontic treatment.
    • If further information or x-rays are required, our team would be in touch with you.
    • A video consultation may then be arranged to go through your needs, and provide an indicative plan and quote for treatment.
  3. Initial Orthodontist Appointment in the practice. You will meet our specialist orthodontists, Dr. Andrew Chang or Dr. Daniela Ribeiro.
    • They will assess your needs and view your x-rays to provide a personalized treatment plan and quote.
    • You will receive a personalized plan, decide when and how orthodontic treatment would be right for you, and take home information on our payment plans and finance options.
    • To request an appointment, please fill in our online form

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