Can you bite on cold foods?

May 23rd, 2020 Andrew Chang

We meet many patients who are not able to bite on something cold, who become aware after looking at photos of their teeth and bite that their crooked teeth is the cause of this sensitive teeth. In other words, the positions of crooked teeth can and does cause enhanced and accelerated wear of the front teeth edges, which is one of the main causes of teeth sensitivity.

An easy way is to look into a mirror and look at the edges of the lower front teeth. Do you see some teeth that are shorter than others? Do you see sharp corners or worn corner edges of some of these front teeth. If you answered yes, it is very likely due to the crooked teeth.

It is easy to lapse into thinking : “I’ve lived with this for so long, so I’ll be OK”. It is because of this that many people do not notice it, until it is too late ie: that is when costly cosmetic work is required on the teeth. Straightening teeth then by itself would not be sufficient to fix the worn tooth, as well as then needing cosmetic dental work after. This cosmetic work often requires some cutting of the teeth to fit a crown or veneer, and the fixed longevity of a crown or veneer or the complications or maintenance that arises with this.

Crooked teeth and sensitive teeth

So having a straight smile is not just to look confident and feel great on smiling. It can also confer long term health benefits, and  doing this sooner rather than later helps. This prevents further uneven wear of teeth edges, crooked teeth and sensitive teeth, and the sensitivity to foods that arise from this.