Sep 1, 2020 Andrew Chang

Tooth Development Defects: Peg laterals Teeth, Dens In Dente and Dens Evaginatus

Why tooth development defects are important and Clinical Implications for Dentists (and patients) Dr Andrew Chang and Dr Diane Tay discuss the more common tooth development defects of peg...

Jun 14, 2020 Andrew Chang

Narrow Jaws and large overbites in children: Improved breathing and a good night’s sleep. What is the link?

Narrow jaws and large overbites in children are often associated with obstructive sleep apnoea. Studies in medical journals have shown that widening of narrow jaws with an expander helps improve ...

Jun 7, 2020 Andrew Chang

Can it be too late to fix an overbite?

It can be too late to fix an overbite by bringing the lower jaw forwards in mid teens or older teenagers, if your orthodontist has diagnosed this to be the cause of the overbite. This is because ...

Feb 25, 2020 Andrew Chang

Infraoccluded Primary Molars: the “sunken” baby molar tooth

Features, Causes, Timing of Intervention and Management Options are discussed Sunken Baby Teeth (infraoccluded primary molars) can be a problem in growing children. This is beca...