Child Thumb Sucking: How to Help Children Stop this Habit

March 6th, 2021 Andrew Chang

Child Thumb Sucking

How to Help Children Stop the Thumb Sucking Habit

In this podcast, Dr Andrew Chang introduces Dr Rochelle McPherson, a leading professional in the field of Oral Facial Myology. The podcast also goes into child thumb sucking and how parents are able to help their child stop this habit.

Main Sections:

00:13 Dr Andrew Chang Introduces Dr Rochelle McPherson
00:64 Dr Rochelle McPherson introduces both herself and Oral Facial Myology
01:43 Buck teeth and a child's habit. What are ways to prevent this?
04:43 Negative reinforcement is shown not to be a great way to stop this habit. Use positive reinforcement instead.
05:13 Dr Rochelle McPherson gives personal insight into how she helped children stop thumb sucking.
07:18 How to tell the kids about its negative impact on their teeth
09:23 Dr Andrew Chang gives his personal insight on giving children positive feedback to stop thumb sucking.
10:13 Dr Rochelle McPherson gives more advice such as giving children quit days.
12:43 Using rewards for kids and will it work for them?
15:57 The importance of stability for children and their development
16:38 How long will it take for the child to break their habit?
19:48 Importance of observing the environment and how it may impact the child's habit.
21:18 A summary of the previous points.
23:03 Resources for more questions.

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