No Health Fund?

No Private Health Fund?

This section below has been compiled for the benefit of new prospective patients and has been formulated after taking into consideration the feedback from many of our existing patients. In here, I would like to pass on the benefit of this insight to all prospective new patients to help you save money.

Firstly be aware of your private health fund policy commencement date for claims to be eligible. From the general feedback, most health funds have a 12 month waiting period before orthodontic claims can be made. In addition, the amount that you can claim for orthodontic treatment increases for each year that you have been a member, for which you have NOT made a claim on for orthodontic treatment.

Most health funds would pay an initial lump sum, then a maximum amount every calender year (some health funds have this as a financial year, so please check the fine print), usually up to 3 years. This lump sum payout is mostly determined based upon the day the orthodontic appliances are fitted, so please ensure your health fund eligibility BEFORE commencing fitting of orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic records, which are taken prior to fitting of any appliance, can be partly claimed back from your health fund if you have BASIC dental cover, even if you do not have any MAJOR DENTAL, orthodontic or braces cover.


What do some of our patients say about health funds?

Several patients have informed us that if you have several members of your family who will benefit from orthodontic treatment, the numbers may then add up to make the additional health fund premium a viable option. Please assess your own financial circumstances or consult professional advice to see if this is a viable option.

Disclaimer: This information is intended as a general guide and does not take into consideration your specific circumstances. Please contact your health fund and accountant for more information on how it can benefit you.

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