Distaliser FAQs

Congratulations, you’re now on your way to correcting your bite with the distaliser. By wearing the elastics well during treatment it will encourage a quicker more effective treatment time.

Some frequently asked questions are as below, but remember, if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff.


What does the distaliser do?

The orthodontic distaliser helps to correct the bite between the upper and lower teeth, through a combination of moving the upper side teeth back and in a growing child and early teen, by moving the lower jaw forwards.

How long do I need to wear my distaliser for?

Most patients would need to wear this for about 6 months. This is usually followed by braces or Invisalign after.

I’ve lost my elastics. What now?

If you’ve lost your elastics, it’s important that notify us and pick up a new packet of elastics from us, otherwise your treatment will be stagnant until elastic wear starts again.

What happens if the appliance comes loose?

You need to take care when eating hard, crunchy foods as they can break.  The cement is used to hold the distaliser to your teeth. Generally, it is fine to eat braces-friendly food. If the distaliser becomes loose, it is usually still attached to one side and does not usually cause discomfort. However, please stop wearing your elastics and inform our practice so that we can schedule an appointment for you at a convenient time.

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