Early Orthodontic Management of Class 2 malocclusions – Part 1

May 29th, 2021 Andrew Chang

Early Orthodontic Management of Skeletal Class 2 Malocclusions

In this Part 1 for dentists on skeletal Class 2 malocclusions, Dr Andrew Chang Orthodontist shares with Dr Diane Tay identifying features, risk factors and the differential diagnosis of Class 2 malocclusions. We cover the areas below:

  1.  Diagnosis
    • Facial: Small lower jaw
    • Dental ie: Class 2 div 1 or div 2’s
    • Radiographic
    • Assessing skeletal maturation and its importance in success. The Lateral Ceph x-ray
  2. Risks factors:
    • Hx of anterior overjet getting larger- why this is the case
    • Difficulty chewing and slow eater.
    • Traumatic deep bites and teeth wear, gingival recession
    • Trauma upper incisors
    • Bullying: psychosocial
    • Open mouth posture and gingival inflammation due to drying of the gingivae
  3. Differential Diagnosis: Proclined U incisors, Normal Maxillomand relationships

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