Orthodontic Facemask

With the help of an Orthodontic Facemask, you are now on your way to correct your child’s underbite and improve your face profile balance, here comes a bigger smile.

Children wear a Facemask, a removable appliance, in the evenings and during sleep time to move their upper jaw forwards. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our patients regarding the common use of the facemask.

Orthodontic Facemask

Orthodontic Facemask FAQs

How do I wear the Orthodontic Facemask again?

To put on the facemask, connect it to the upper fixed expander using the provided elastics. Look in the mirror, put the elastics on the expander first, then connect to the facemask.

To remove the facemask, first unhook the elastics from the facemask. Let it rest on the expander, then unwind it.

Change the elastics daily after dinner and brushing teeth.


How long should I wear the Orthodontic Facemask?

You typically wear the facemask for 12-15 months to correct the underbite and allow for some lower jaw growth.

 Initially, wear the facemask during sleep time, and then we will review its response to determine if more day time wear is necessary or if night time wear suffices.


What if I have friends over or sleepovers?

We prioritize safety and advise you to inform your friends not to play with your facemask while you wear it. If that’s difficult, it’s okay to not wear the facemask for a short period.

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