Commonly Asked Questions for Patients Using a Facemask

Now you’re on your way to correct your underbite and improve your face profile balance, here comes a bigger smile.

A facemask is a removable appliance worn in the evenings and during sleep time, and is designed to move the upper jaw forwards in children. They are commonly used to correct teeth underbites where there is a jaw problem. Below are some FAQ’s commonly asked by our patients.

How do I put the facemask on again?

The facemask needs to be connected to the upper fixed expander, using the elastics that are provided to you. This would be shown to you at the time the facemask is fitted. For the first few days, you may need to look at the mirror (it does help putting the elastics on the expander first), then connect to the facemask after.

Removing the facemask is similar, first remove the elastics by unhooking from the facemask, and let it rest on the expander, then unwind it from the expander.

The elastics are changed daily after eating dinner and brushing the teeth.

The elastics are changed daily after eating dinner and brushing the teeth.How long do I need to wear this for?

Treatment with the facemask usually runs for 12-15 months and the aim of this is to correct the underbite and some more. This is to allow for some minor greater growth of the lower jaw.

The facemask is worn initially during sleep time, before we review its response and decide if more day time wear is needed, or if night time wear is sufficient.

What happens if I have friends come over or have sleepovers?

We always recommend safety first, and recommend you let your friends know NOT to play with your facemask while you are wearing it. If this is too difficult, then not wearing your facemask for this short period of time is OK.

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