Can it be too late to fix an overbite?

June 7th, 2020 Andrew Chang

It can be too late to fix an overbite by bringing the lower jaw forwards in mid teens or older teenagers, if your orthodontist has diagnosed this to be the cause of the overbite. This is because lower jaw growth rapidly slows down after 11 years old in females or 13 year old in males. Maximizing lower jaw growth can have breathing benefits and reduce risk of snoring in adulthood. 

To attain a similar lower jaw forwards outcomes in older teens or adults requires jaw surgery. While there are other options to fix an overbite, non surgery options may require removal of permanent teeth and / or additional appliances to help achieve this. While the teeth overbite still gets fixed, this can be more due to the lower front teeth leaning forwards and less of the lower jaw forwards movement.

Read an earlier blog post below where Dr Andrew Chang Orthodontist Blacktown talks about why teeth overbite is a problem, how and when to treat an overbite, teeth extractions and overbite treatment and the role of braces in overbite treatment.

Dr Andrew Chang Orthodontist Blacktown has also produced a podcast on “Overbites- when is the right time to see an orthodontist”. This is to bring awareness to parents of children with overbites on the right time to see an orthodontist and what may happen if overbites remain uncorrected. 

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