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Lingual Braces FAQS

Commonly Asked Questions for Patients who are considering Lingual/ Inside Braces

These are braces that are attached to behind the teeth. They are very discreet as both the braces (ie: the metal attachments on the teeth) and the wires that are attached to them, are along the insides of the teeth.

There are several popular combinations chosen:

  • Upper and lower lingual inside braces.
  • Upper lingual inside and lower clear outside braces. This is chosen by patients who would like the discreetness of the lingual braces yet are seeking a more affordable solution to their smile than upper and lower inside braces.

The individual braces and wires are customized for your mouth. The braces itself look wide and this allows the braces to be made sufficiently strong yet thin enough to maximize tongue comfort and to minimize initial speech changes that are temporary.

lingual braces

How can the temporary speech disturbances be minimized?

  • Often the lower braces are fitted first, followed at another visit by the upper braces . This allows time for your tongue to adapt to these braces.

What is different with the lingual braces now compared with 10 years ago?

  • The lingual braces that we offer are fully customized with the end result in mind. This allows for a faster treatment time than traditional lingual braces. They are also thinner which allows for greater tongue comfort and fewer temporary speech disturbances.
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