DIY aligners- what are they and do they work?

Dec 07, 2019 Andrew Chang

DIY (do-it-yourself) aligners- what are they and do they work? As an orthodontist with mild crowding and looking to get my teeth straightened, I’ve been looking at different aligners myself. Aligners are a series of….....

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Extra Teeth Also know as “Supernumeries”- Identifying them and managing unerupted supernumeries in the upper front teeth region

Nov 17, 2019 Andrew Chang

How considerations and the management plan differ in children, teenagers and adults. A podcast between orthodontist Dr Andrew Chang and pediatric dentist Dr Diane Tay that covers the issues in detail.   This is an outline….....

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Front Teeth Open Bites-An Orthodontic Treatment Paradigm shift

Nov 05, 2019 Andrew Chang

Front Teeth Open Bites- A Orthodontic Treatment Paradigm shift that Benefits Adults and Teens Below is an adaptation of an excerpt of a presentation I gave to a large group of dentists recently, informing them….....

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Adults with crooked or gappy teeth-why and how orthodontics should be a 1st thing to consider

Sep 22, 2019 Andrew Chang

Why orthodontics is becoming more popular in adults with crooked or gappy teeth There are several reasons why this is the case: Often, placing crowns or bridges on the teeth without first straightening the teeth….....

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Wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment

Sep 21, 2019 Andrew Chang

Wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment The topic of wisdom teeth and braces or aligner orthodontic treatment is a perennial favorite asked by adults, teenagers and the parents of teenagers who are considering to have their….....

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