Expander teeth for narrow jaw. Can it be too late (to fix)?

Jan 16, 2018 Andrew Chang

Expander teeth for narrow jaw. Can it be too late (to fix)? There is an age limit where correcting a narrow upper jaw becomes very difficult. What is normally quite comfortable, safe and works very….....

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Narrow upper jaws, effects on face growth and the role of orthodontic expansion- an interview with A/Prof McIntosh

Jan 06, 2018 Andrew Chang

One of the common themes I notice with narrow upper jaws in growing children is the association with some form of nose or upper airway obstruction. In growing children, this can also affect how their….....

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Looking for the best orthdontist? Here’s what you need to consider.

Nov 06, 2017 admin

Looking for the best orthodontist? Here’s what you need to consider.  Qualification and Experience When it comes to orthodontic care, we recommend that patients only see a Specialist Orthodontist. An Orthodontist is a registered dental….....

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When should we see an orthodontist to fix an underbite?

Oct 02, 2017 Andrew Chang

In a series of blogs, I will be talking about the benefits of early orthodontic treatment, specifically how and why early orthodontic treatment can prevent bite problems from worsening. By “Early Orthodontic Treatment”, I mean,….....

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Why Should I Straighten Mine/My Child’s Teeth?

Sep 27, 2017 admin

Parents are often referred to our practice for teeth straightening but are often unsure of the benefits associated with having orthodontic treatment. Contrary to popular belief, straightening of teeth does not serve only as an aesthetic….....

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