My child has lost a baby tooth early. Is this a problem?

May 26, 2019 Andrew Chang

Pediatric Dentist Dr Tay returns for a joint interview with  Orthodontist DR Chang  where they discuss why early lost of a baby tooth can be a problem and what parents can do to look out….....

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What are the EARLY signs that my child’s teeth are crooked/ crowded?

May 05, 2019 Andrew Chang

Early signs of crowded teeth in a child Recognizing early signs that your child’s teeth is crooked or crowded can be important to prevent crowding from worsening. Also there are myths around this that pediatric….....

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Kids with Special needs Needing Dental Treatment or Orthodontics

Feb 17, 2019 Andrew Chang

Kids with Special needs Needing Dental Treatment or Orthodontics A conversation between Pediatric dentist Dr Diane Tay and Orthodontist Dr Andrew Chang about Kids with Special needs Needing Dental Treatment or Orthodontics. Notable excerpts from….....

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Overbites- when is the right time to see an orthodontist? By Dr Andrew Chang and Dr Diane Tay

Feb 08, 2019 Andrew Chang

This episode was recorded in early January 2019 but due to commitments, released in early Feb 2019. The aim is to bring awareness to parents of overbites , the right time to see an orthodontist,….....

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Wisdom Teeth and Orthodontic Treatment- An interview with an Oral Surgeon

Dec 02, 2018 Andrew Chang

Wisdom teeth and Orthodontic Treatment In the course of one’s orthodontic treatment, we are often asked questions by patients about wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment. So I took this opportunity to interview a local oral….....

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