Are all removable clear aligners the same?

December 31st, 2020 Andrew Chang

Dr Diane Tay interviews orthodontist Dr Andrew Chang on the differences between removable clear aligners compared with fixed braces. The differences between the different removable clear aligners products are discussed as well as the “do-it-yourself” aligner solutions.

Highlights are:

2:10: What types of removable clear aligners are available and what are the differences?

What are "DIY Aligners" and do they work?

4:30: What are the “do it yourself” aligners and do they work? The way that these aligners work to fix crooked teeth often lead to unhealthy bites or smiles.

What works better? Aligners or Braces?

8:55: What are the differences between removable clear aligners and fixed clear braces?

Which works better? Aligners or Braces? Generally speaking, the larger the gaps or the more crowded the teeth, braces still outperform aligners. Aligners are easier to keep the teeth clean for patients who have difficulty cleaning their teeth ie: Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy or where manual dexterity with hands is more challenging.

The idea of braces or aligners to fix crooked teeth should not be thought of as a zero sum, as for moderate to severe crooked teeth, combining braces and aligners provides the benefits of aligners and the predictability of braces with difficult movements. A new bathroom renovation applies the same concepts. It is the diversity of the tiles, their designs, tile sizes ie: border & main tiles, underlying waterproofing and use of grout and silicon that provides the attractiveness and functionality of the bathroom renovation. 

Are all clear aligners the same?

13:20: Are all removable clear aligners the same and do they work equally well?

Different aligners have different features. Certain features are important for certain movement types. They are slightly different aligner materials and have different treatment planning softwares. Our experience has been their comfort levels are similar and some aligners work better with certain types of bites.   

18:45: I’m wearing removable clear aligners. What can I do to help my aligners teeth straightening process go on smoothly?

Combine snacks with main meals helps to reduce the time that aligners are out of the mouth. Vary the aligner duration based upon the presence of springiness or gaps between the aligner and teeth

23:20: Simple at home exercises to do are discussed to help your removable clear aligners treatment go more smoothly

If in doubt, send the practice photos of your teeth and aligners so they can advise before you change to each new aligner.

Wear elastics well as advised.

26:45: Are all removable clear aligners the same?