Teeth Eruption variations and transpositions- Clinical Implications

July 21st, 2020 Andrew Chang

In this podcast for dentists, Dr Diane Tay And Dr Andrew Chang chat about the timing of normal teeth development, then discuss when variations can occur in teeth eruption, physiological and pathological causes and the common presenting patterns. Parents whom have children with impacted teeth ie: teeth that erupt in very crooked positions and would like to know why, would also find this interesting.

Clinical implications are discussed, along with timing of intervention and treatment options.

Some highlights are:1) Review of timing of tooth/dental development 2) Some genetic syndromes that are associated with delayed dental development.3) Why is it relevant- ie: a supernumerary that might be impeding eruption of teeth, cysts etc.4) When should we be concerned and when do we take radiographs? What radiographs?