Why We Offer Sibling Discounts for Braces and Invisalign Treatments

November 24th, 2023 Andrew Chang

At Smiles and Faces, we offer sibling discounts because orthodontic issues, even common issues such as overbites, underbites, and crowding, can often have a familial connection. We understand that these concerns may affect multiple family members, and we want to make orthodontic care accessible for the entire family. Our goal is to see every member of your family with confident and beautiful smiles. Check out the below 2 examples of siblings.

The Not-So-Secret Gap:
In family photo albums, the recurring theme of a shared gap is more than a quirk; it's a genetic legacy. The familial inheritance predisposes individuals to exhibit similar spaces between teeth, reflecting the intricacy of genetic traits.

Orthodontic Variations:
Severe crowding within families manifests uniquely, with siblings experiencing crowded teeth differently as they adapt to individual needs for space. If family members underwent orthodontic treatment, consider a proactive step – book a consult for potential genetic surprises.

Evolution of Family Smiles:
As genetic traits evolve, family smiles undergo captivating transformations. Grandpa's underbite may find subtler expressions, and Grandma's alignment shines through in your nephew's smile. Genes blend over generations, contributing to a unique dental legacy with distinctive traits.

Role of Environment:
While genetics lay the foundation, environmental factors shape the final outcome. Even identical twins may develop distinct smiles due to lifestyle variations, emphasizing that your smile is a canvas painted by both genetics and environment.

For some examples, we have 2 sets of siblings below: You can immediately see how 1 set of siblings look almost identical (Example 1), and the other set of siblings have similiar crowding but the teeth have ended up in different positions (Example 2)

Example 1: These two siblings have such similiar genetics, it almost looks like the same person!

Sibling A

Sibling B

Example 2: These 2 siblings may not look as identical as the above photos, but their orthodontic issues are still the same; Both are experiencing crowded and overlapping teeth and a narrow upper jaw. Over time, the teeth have just moved in different positions, trying to find some extra space!

Sibling A

Sibling B


Your family's smiles tell a unique genetic story, from shared quirks to mirrored grins. If family dinners involve discussing the shared struggle of brushing overlapping teeth or chewing difficulties, prioritize an orthodontist consultation. If family members had orthodontic treatment, take a proactive step – book a consult for potential genetic surprises. Your smile is a masterpiece; let genetics and proactive care make it truly one of a kind.